June 20, 2024

Completed Program

Completed Projects in the Organization: (2070-2081)
SN Name of the project Project Sector Duration of the project (Month & Year) Project location (District, Palika) Funding support
1 West Nepal Emergency Response (WNER) project- Emergency Response  Relief and Recovery From: 3 November 2023 (Continue) Bheri Municipality and Nalgad Municipality World Vision International
2 Humanitarian Fund (HF) (Emergency Response) Winterization support to Children 8 January, 2024 to 31 March, 2024 Jajarkot District Save the Children International
3 European Civil Protection And Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) Project (Emergency Response) Shelter Management Wash Hygiene and Protection From: 17 November, 2023 To: 110 May, 2024 Jajarkot and Rukum West District Save the Children International
4 START FUND Nepal (N19) Project (Emergency Response) Shelter, Wash& Hygiene, Protecting From: 7 Dec 2023 to 22 Jan, 2024 Jajarkot and Rukum West district World Vision International/Start fund network
5 Enhancing Access to Justice Legal Support From: May 2023 To: December 2023 Jajarkot (Nalgadh & Barekot) and Rukum District, (Sani Bheri RM & Aathbiskot Municipality) United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
6 SAHAYATRA-II, Project Basic education, Child Protection (addressing early marriage) and Child right governance, safe school From: April 2019 To: Nov 2023 Jajarkot District Chhedagad Municipality Save the Children International
7 ABASAR Project Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), Child protection reducing child labor, livelihoods focusing vocational trainings to youths and micro-enterprise development From: March 2019 To: July 2022 (Completed) Jajarkot district  Chhedagad municipality Save the children International
8 Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP) Education focusing on strengthening reading achievement of early grade children From:  To: April 2022 (Completed) Jajarkot District Covering World Education Nalgad, Bheri, Chhadgad, Kushe , Junicgadi
9 Cash For Asset project Emergency response and early recovery communities affected by Barekot landslide affected Oct 2020 to June 2021 (Completed) Jajarkot district Barekot Rural municipality World Food Program
10 Healthy Transaction for Nepali Youth Reproductive Health and Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Oct-2018 to June 2021 (Completed) Bheri and Chhedagad Municipalities Save the Children US
11 Integrated Project Basic Education (DRR component), Child Protection, Livelihood May 2016 to Feb 2019 (Completed) Chhedagad Municipality (former four VDCs) Save the Children
12 Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Health 2017 to April-2019 (Completed) Jajarkot District Bheri, Chhedagad, Kushe and Junichande Rural Municipalities Save the Children
13 Agriculture and Food Security Project Agriculture 2015 to March 2018 (Completed) Jajarjot District Food and Agriculture Organization
14 Rural Water Supply and Sanitation improvement program Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 2073 to 2075 (Completed) Jajarjot District Nalgad, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Board (RWSSFB)
15 Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP) Good Governance 2071 to Poush 2075 (Completed) Jajartkot District 10 VDCs including Dadagaun, Khagenkot, Ramidanda, Jagatipur, Lanha, Dhime, Khalanga Ministry of Federal Affairs and District Development Committee, Jajarkot
16 Total Sanitation WASH 2073 to Ashar 2074 Jajartkot district Nalgad Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Board (RWSSFB)
17 Integrated community support program Livelihood, nutrition, education, child protection and school-based disaster risks reduction (DRR) 2063-2073 Jajartkot districts Save the Children
18 Community Support Program (CSP) Community Infrastructure, Governance and DRR October 2012 to Feb 2014 Jajartkot district 15 VDCs DFID/Care Nepal
19 Program for Accountability in Nepal (PRAN) Accountability Dec. 2013 to August 2014 Jajartkot district 5 VDCs Centre for International Studies and Cooperation
20 Agriculture and food security program (LAPA implementation) Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction 11 Falgun 2071 to 30 Ashad 2072 Jajartkot district Khalanaga, Bhumi, Dandagaun and Archhani District Development Committee/ Nepal Climate Change Support Program
21 Sustainable Soil Management based Agricultural Technology for Food Security Soil fertility management, agriculture development January 2010 to 31 July 2014 Jajartkot district Dhime, Jagatipur, Punma and Khalanga VDCs Helvetas Nepal
22 Urgent food Security Assistance to Severely Food Insecure Rural Household in Karnali- Bheri, Rapti Region. Agriculture recovery ( 8 different seeds distribution for 2494 HHs) Oct 2012- Jan 2013 Jajartkot District Najkot, Pajaru, Jhapra, Archhane VDCs Food and Agriculture Organization
23 Community Based Monitoring of Public Goods and Services Accountability Jan 2012 to June 2012 Jhapra, Dhime, Khalanaga, Punma Local Governance Accountability Facility (Ministry of Local Development and DDC)
24 Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP) Governance 26 Jestha, 2067 to 31 Ashad, 2070 Jajartkot District 10 VDCs Ministry of Federal Affairs and DDC, Jajarkot
25 Public Hearing & compliance monitoring 3 Falgun, 2070 to 31 Ashad, 2070 Jajarkot Local Governance Accountability Facility (Ministry of Local Development and DDC)
Completed Projects in the Organization: (Before 2070)
SN Program Partner/Donor Duration Working area
1 Emergency Assistance to Improve Food and Nutrition Security of Vulnerable Rural Communities Affected by Internal Conflict, Flood and Drought in Nepal FAO / UN  April 2009 – Dec 2009 Jajarkot
2 Education Support to ‘Children Associated with Armed Force and Armed Groups (CAAFAG) and Children Affected with Armed Conflict (CAAC)’ IRC/ UNICEF Oct 2008 – 31 Jan 2009 Jajarkot & Surkhet
3 Training on Proposal Writing GTZ/PASRA 4-11Jun 2009 Jajarkot
4 Community  Based Water Supply and Sanitation Programme  CBWSSP/ IDS Nepal Mar 2007 – Feb 2010 Jajarkot
5 Youth Mobilization Programme Against  Diarrhea Outbreak in Jajarkot MoH/ GoN Jul 2010 – Sep 2010 Jajarkot
6 Youth Awareness for Human Right & Peace The Asia Foundation/ RUWDUC 15 May 2006  – 14 May 2007 Jajarkot
7 Public Awareness Against Diarrhea Outbreak ALKA Hospital/ DPHO Jajarkot May 2010- Jul 2010 Jajarkot
8 Falfule Mahila Krishi Bikash Karyakram APPSP/DFID Mar 2007 -Jan 2008 Jajarkot
9 Integrated Agriculture Programme APPSP/DFID Aug 2006 – Jul 2007 Jajarkot
10 HIV AIDS Awareness  Campaign DDC Jajarkot/ PTYSM Jul 2008 – Jun 2011 Jajarkot
11 Poverty Alleviation through Goat Raising Programme APPSP/DFID May 2005-o Jul 2006 Jajarkot
12 Reproductive Health Programme & Safe Motherhood SAATHI Jul 2005 – Jun 2006 Jajarkot
13 Fund Raising & Resource  Mobilization Training SAATHI Aug 2002 – Nov 2006 Jajarkot
14 Scholarship Programme SAATHI Jan 2002 – Mar 2006 Jajarkot
15 Temple Construction PTYSM / Community Mar 2002 – Nov 2003 Jajarkot
16 Tap and Toilet Construction (Water and Sanitation, Awareness and trainings) WSSDO, Jajarkot Jan 2003-Dec 2004 Jajarkot
17 Revalidation of Overlooked and Uncared Children MoWCSW Oct 1999-Sep 2006 Jajarkot
18 Raute Awareness Programme Rastriya Janajati Pratisthan Aug 2001- Jul 2002 Jajarkot
19 Spring Protection and Environment Campaign MoEt/ GoN Jul 1998 – Jun 1999 Karkigaun – 4,8
20 Community Mobilization for Violence Against Women (VAW) SAATHI Nov 2002-Mar 2002 Jajarkot
21 Youth Mobilization for Violence against Women SAATHI May 2001- Oct 2001 Jajarkot